Auditions for Kids 3 to 6 Years Old for New TV Show “Old Enough” in Los Angeles

Are your kids old enough to to actually do what they were told to do?

A TV show is holding casting auditions for kids and their families.  The hit international show “Old Enough” is coming to the United States and is now holding a casting call for kids that are between the ages of 3 and 6.  The crazy popular Japanese show puts kids and their families to the test of seeing in their little ones may in fact be old enough to take on the world.

The show is looking for families who would like to find out out if the little tykes actually are and put them to the test.

The new TV show is casting kids in the Los Angeles area and their parents who are up for the challenge.  The show is not all that crazy with the little kiddies, basically, the Japanese version of Old Enough simply put kids to the test of being able to complete a short errand, of course with cameras following. Like I said, its not that crazy, no, there are no jungle adventures involved. The show, at least the Japanese version of it, sends kids on simple errands like grocery shopping with a list of things to buy and becomes funny as we all get to see what they come back with from shopping having no parent to actually tell them no.

The wildly popular series OLD ENOUGH! from Japan is coming to America and we are searching for kids ages 3-6 in the LA area!

Are you ready to let your little one take their first steps TOWARD independence?

Do you have a child who YOU THINK OR HOPE is old enough to handle their own errands and tasks?

OLD ENOUGH, is a new show where cameras follow your little ones on their first independent errands!

From delivering forgotten items to shopping trips for mom and dad, this is a chance for your child to make their mark in the world and for you to capture a moment in time you will never forget!


TV series Old Enough casting call information for kids and parents in United States



To get your kids on the upcoming Netflix TV show, check out the casting flyer on this page which has all the details on how to get that child on television.

Check out the clip below from the Japanese version of “Old Enough.”

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