Auditions in Rhode Island for Indie Film “Wacko”

By | June 8, 2023

Rocharoo Production – Wacko

Location: Providence, RI

Audition / Call Type: Films

Wacko is a revenge story. It is about turmoil that happens between two families when one husband becomes envious of the other. As that husband moves in to take what he wants, he leaves a path of destruction behind him. In the end their is one person left from the family who decides to take justice into his own hands and avenge his pain.

Most roles have been cast. I am currently seeking to cast the flash back roles for the lead characters with some supporting.

Young Jimmy- Brown hair and eyes, Caucasian. 11-13 years old Skinny and timid. Always follows the crowd, never leads and buckles under peer pressure. This role is supporting which is also representing one of our lead actors in a flashback.

Young Jack- Brown hair and eyes, Caucasian. Taller and huskier than kids his age 11-13. More of a leader than follower. Good at influencing people to get what he wants. clever manipulator. This is a supporting role that represents one of our lead actors in a flashback.

Kyle- Any ethnicity. age 11-13. A little rough around the edges. A risk taker and adventurer. Not worried about trouble or consequences.

Amy- Any ethnicity. age 11-13. The leader of her clique. More out going and adventurous.

Heather- Any ethnicity. age 11-13. More of a follower and brainier of the 3. More reserved and quiet. Less out going than the other two.

Susan- Any ethnicity. age 11-13. Follower but a strong personality. Not afraid to voice what is on her mind or fight any battles to stand up to/protect her friends.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Providence, RI
Please submit to: by 06/18/2023 8:00 PM

Please email headshot and resume to be considered for in person auditions. If you are out of town and won’t be able to make the in person audition process please add your actors reel for consideration.

This casting notice was posted by: Matthew J. Roch – Rocharoo Production

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