Casting People Who Are Estranged from a Loved One

By | January 9, 2023

Are you estranged from a loved one and are hoping you can someday reconnect?

Would you like to get some help from a family therapist that may be able to help you mend your relationship.  If so, casting directors for a therapy TV show would love to hear your story.

Now Casting.

Are You Estranged From A Loved One?

Are You Or Someone You Know Estranged From A Family Member?
Did A Conflict, Misunderstanding Or Poor Decision Lead To The Split?

A Major TV Production Company Is Developing A Program To Help Reunite Estranged Relatives With The Help Of A Renowned Family Therapist! We Want To Hear Your Story!

Email us at: – We Want To Hear Your Story!

Casting notice for reality therapy show

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