Julia Fox Holding Casting Call for Disruptors – OMG Fashun

By | September 18, 2023

Julia Fox holding an online casting call for her upcoming show.

Are you a disruptor?

That’s the question she is asking as she announced her casting call for disruptors on her instagram account.  She is working on a new show that is titled “OMG Fashun” which is looking for
“savant” fashion designers of all kinds.

Julia Fox is a multi-talented actress, model, and fashion icon who has garnered attention and acclaim for her captivating performances and unique sense of style. Emerging onto the entertainment scene, Julia quickly made a name for herself with her breakout role in the critically acclaimed film “Uncut Gems,” where she starred alongside Adam Sandler.

Her portrayal of the character Julia brought depth and authenticity to the movie, earning her widespread recognition for her acting prowess. Beyond her acting career, Julia Fox is known for her fearless fashion choices and her ability to make a statement on and off the red carpet. Her confident and bold approach to style has made her a standout figure in the fashion world, further cementing her status as a rising star with an indelible presence in both film and fashion.

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