Movie Audition in Santa Fe, New Mexico for Low Budget Feature “Abiquiu”

By | February 13, 2023

Three Stones Pictures – Abiquiú (feature film)

Location: Santa Fe, New Mexico

Audition / Call Type: Films

Ultra Low Budget indie feature film from Writer Director Emily Lape


Synopsis: Abiquiu tells the story of a mysterious injured young boy that wanders alone into a rural desert community in New Mexico. He’s taken in by a resident named Rosa who is still grieving from the loss of her wife. As local authorities work to uncover the boy’s identity, the film begins to unfold, relationships develop, and paranormal things begin to happen. Stress and tension amplify as a peculiar group of federal agents start pursuing the boy and in contrast his new found friends, the neighborhood kids, work together to protect him and help him find his way home.

About Project:

Location: Shooting in various locations near Santa Fe, Abiquiu, Taos and Albuquerque

Cinematography: Making use of natural light, emphasizing the contrast of shadows. Camera work will be natural documentary type aesthetic with lots of shoulder rig set ups, allowing for natural movement and follow of actors, similar in style to Mercy’s Girl, NOMADLAND, Sweet Sixteen and Broker.

Looking for very natural actors that are comfortable with improvisation. Non actors welcome!

Audition will be either self taped or held via zoom (google meet).

(Any ethnicity for all roles)

For underage actors we will try to schedule most shooting days for weekend Sat/Sun but will need to shoot during the week as well depending on location. Parents should make note of this for school and academic reasons.

Total production shooting days is 12. See roles for approximate # of days / role.

Lead Boy: 12-15 year old, who has lost his way and now has wandered into a rural desert community, he’s vulnerable, special, and though every experience is new to him, he seems to have an “old soul” and lots of inner thoughts as he processes and observes his world. Actor must be able to have inner monologue/thoughts, convey emotions without speaking, micro expressions. A few emotional scenes that require strong performance. 125/day 7-10 shooting days.

references: Edward Scissorhands, ET, Eleven (Stranger Things)
tag words: innocent, child like, different, special, charming

Cosmo: girl, 12-15 years old, lives at home with her abusive father. She’s a straight A student. She wants to be an aerospace engineer, misses her mom who has “disappeared”, she’s a bit of an outsider, she makes every space beautiful with decorations, no one would guess she has a rough home life, she has a great imagination, very creative, loves astronomy – it’s also her connection to her mother. *There is one emotional crying scene and one scene with implied violence.* 125/day 7 shooting days.

References: Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter), Jenny (Forrest Gump), Gertie (ET), Hermoine (Harry Potter)
Tag words: smart, independent, magical, kind, curious, resilient, brave, eccentric

Noah: boy, 12-15 years old, lives in the trailer park with his parents and older sister, he wants desperately to fit in and be cool, unfortunately he just doesn’t, he longs for friends, he’s close to his parents and tries to be like his sister but she wants nothing to do with him. He shows the new kids around town. 125/day 7 shooting days

References: Chunk and Data (The Goonies), Ron (Harry Potter)
Tag words: goofy, nerdy, sweet, scaredy cat, smart, friendly

Sam: young woman, 17 years old (18 over to play 17), androgynous person who loves skateboarding / longboarding, she dreams of being a pro athlete, she has a lot attitude and struggles with authority, dresses a bit like west coast skater with goth influences. She gets unwillingly caught up in this adventure. 125/day (3 days) *One scene of implied sexual interaction*

References: Brand Walsh and Mouth (The Goonies), Mac (Paper Girls)
Tag words: – confident, protective, independent, smart ass, rash

Control Bureau Person: 50s, any ethnicity, a person that works for a classified federal agency, cold, suspicious, extremely independent, a bit out of place in Abiquiu, unprepared for desert conditions. This person accompanies another Control Bureau agent and is featured quite a lot but no lines. 125/day (1-2 shooting days)

Sheriff Pete: man, late 40s, the local Sheriff, inept city official who avoids real work, is used to getting his way and being a local celebrity. This character has a few really great scenes. 125/day 2-3 shooting days

References: Frank Drebin, Henry (Mercy’s Girl)
Tag words: incompetent, overly confident, lazy, ego driven, know it all

EXTRAS NEEDED (No pay, but imdb credit, screen time and crafty)

Over 18 adults to play teens at a party, very featured with improvised lines (evening shoot)

Lab workers adults any age (day shoot) they work for a secret federal agency

Federal agents adults any age (day shoot and night shoot)

Payment: Paid / Non-Paid

City or Location of call: Santa Fe, New Mexico
Please submit to: by 02/24/2023

Please write in email subject line: Name of Character, Your name

Please submit a headshot and resume if you have one.

If don’t have those, please email a simple recent candid shot, your age and city.

Underage actors must have parent’s approval to audition.

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