Open Auditions in Salem, MA for “I Want to be a Musketeer”

Wicked Awesome Theater – I Want to be a Musketeer

Location: 24 St Peter Street, Salem, MA 01970

Audition / Call Type: Theater

I Want to Be a Musketeer is that classic tale of four of The Three Musketeers saving France from a tall, red bird. At least that’s how it reads. You see the Cardinal is trying to usurp control of the country from King Louis (The human not orangutan) and it’s up to the Musketeers to use their wits to stop him. Problem being they’ve reached their wits end and need help! Can the heroes overcome an unreliable narrator, characters not in the novel, and an actor who doesn’t show up for the show? We hope so!

Character List

Unreliable Narrator: first time narrating a story. Resents being called unreliable. Sarcastic, easily annoyed, hasn’t read the book. (Adult)

Porthos: (Musketeer) Full of themself and assumes everyone loves him. Enjoys being a musketeer and the finer things in life like scarves. (Adult)

Athos: (Musketeer) Didn’t necessarily want to be in a play. Mother of two. Indifferent to being a musketeer. Hasn’t read the book since high school. (Adult)

Aramis: (Musketeer) Uppity swashbuckler. Observant, constantly thinking of what to do next. (Adult)

Dart: (Citizen) Wants to be a musketeer. (Adult)

Pierre: (Citizen) In love with Francesca. Out of work. Nervous about future. (Adult)

Francesca: (Citizen) Out of work. Smart and diligent. Has hope that things will turn out ok. (Adult)

Maxine: (Citizen) Desperate for money or work. Willing to do anything to change position in life. (Adult)

Steve: (Citizen) Caught in the battle between Cardinal and King Louis. (Any Age)

Babbage: (Cardinal’s Guard) A lieutenant of the guard. Works for the Cardinal. Put upon sidekick unaware of villainous role. (Adult)

DeWinter: (Assassin) Understands it’s a man’s world. Wants more than she has. Will work for others until situation becomes untenable. (Adult)

Rochefort: (Cardinal’s Guard) Former Musketeer. Hates most things, except telling people what to do. The Cardinal’s second in command. (Adult)

Cardinal: (Cardinal) Convinced he will rule the world. Uses position to do so. Betrays everyone he teams up with… eventually. (Adult)

Constance: (Royal Family) Determined. Smart. Always thinking. Barely in the book. Lady in waiting. Investigates Brother’s murder. (Adult)

Payment: Non-Paid

City or Location of call: 24 St Peter Street, Salem, MA 01970
Please submit to: by 04/01/2023 3:30 PM

Auditions for I Want to be a Musketeer!

Wednesday, March 29th
7pm – 9pm

Saturday, April 1st
1pm – 3:30pm

24 St Peter Street
Salem, MA 01970
(Parish Hall)

Please arrive between the hours listed to audition. Sides will be provided for auditions. If you are interested and cannot make the times listed above feel free to email us!

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