Remote Actors for Video Game Voice Overs

By | May 30, 2023

Independent role-play game

Location: full remote

Audition / Call Type: Theater

Hi to all. We are three friends from different countries (one from eastern Europe, others two from Asia). We making now an independent video game, this will be our first work for PC.
We need amateur voice actors.
Amateur only!

We cannot pay, but we promise to write name of every actor in game titles (this can be used as portfolio).
Full remote. English language.

Experience in voice acting is not needed and not wanted.

I send text to actor, actor makes records of phrases in good audio format, WAV or kinda, and then actor sends records to me. Game will be RPG similar to Gothic or Risen.

We will glad especially to voice actors with any accent from non-english-speaking countries (for more original atmosphere). Roles needed: males, females. In game will be many roles, about 200; for every role 1 page of text or less.

Roles are – villagers (farmers, merchants, alchemists, carpenters, tavern owners), rebels, bandits, evil raiders

Payment: Non-Paid

City or Location of call: full remote
Now Closed.

Send your requests and / or auditions in any time, we will work on our project few months, maybe more…

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