USC Student Film Calling Los Angeles Actors for “A Taste of Apple”

By | February 7, 2023

A Taste of Apple

Location: Los Angeles

Audition / Call Type: Films

This is a USC student short about a young woman named Alice who often fantasizes about sexual intimacy and romantic encounter but when an opportunity comes to her, she doesn’t know what to do with it.

Alice (18 – Looks 18): Asian. Alice grew up with heavy influence from the portrayal of romance in modern media and books, and she’s also a serious fan-fiction reader. Alice is very much in love with the concept of being in love.

Suki (18 – Looks 18): Open Ethnicity. Suki likes to be seen as brave and bold; she doesn’t like to show her weakness to anyone. But at her core, like many of her other fellow teenagers, she is scared and lost.

Felix (18 – Looks 18): Open Ethnicity. Felix has a heart filled with passion and fire underneath his quiet and shy appearance. He’s the kind of guy who would spend hours reading in the library just to be in the same room as his crush is. He’s not very good at showing affection outwardly, nor is he very talkative.

Ryan (18 – Looks 18): Open Ethnicity. Ryan is a young man looking for fun and not ready to settle. Having said that, he’s good at making promises in bed.

Lola (18 – Looks 18): Open Ethnicity. Lola is a young woman who needs to feel a genuine emotional connection with people before any form of physical intimacy takes place.

Payment: Non-Paid

City or Location of call: Los Angeles
Please submit to: by 02/20/2023 10:00 PM

NOTE: Actors must be comfortable with partial nudity. We will have an intimacy coordinator on set and in rehearsals.

Please send along head-shots and reels.

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