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University of Southern Maine – The Hostage

Location: Communication and Media Studies Production Studio, University of Southern Maine, Portland, ME. Parking available at Garage 1 – Abromson (HONK Mobile App)

Audition / Call Type: Films


“The Hostage” is a dark comedy short film that follows the adventures of three characters Ken, Paddy, and Frankie. Ken and Frankie are kidnappers attempting to execute a ransom exchange with our third character Ken. The story begins with Ken, the middleman, awaiting the arrival of Frankie and Paddy, who are running late with the captive. As tensions rise due to their tardiness, it becomes apparent that their operation is far from professional.

Upon arrival and inspection of the trunk of Frankie’s car, the characters discover that the trunk is packed with bags of food, lacking the kidnapped individual. Confusion ensues in Frankie and Paddy as they flashback to where things went wrong. “The Hostage” is a quirky and entertaining tale of incompetence, miscommunication, and unexpected twists. showcasing the hilarious consequences of a criminal operation gone awry.


FRANKIE: male, ROLE: One of the kidnappers tasked with carrying out the abduction/transportation of the hostage. PERSONALITY: Frankie is somewhat cocky, quick-witted, and sarcastic. Frankie is laid-back, often making light of tense situations with his humor. APPEARANCE: Frankie may be depicted as a scruffy and casually dressed individual, embodying a carefree demeanor contrasting Ken’s seriousness.

PADDY: male, ROLE: Frankie’s partner-in-crime, assisting in the execution of the kidnapping and transportation of the hostage. PERSONALITY: Paddy is portrayed as somewhat dim-witted, easily distracted, and prone to mistakes. He is more naive and innocent compared to the others. APPEARANCE: Paddy is likely depicted as a chaotic character, perhaps with a more innocent/youthful appearance compared to Frankie/Ken.
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KEN: male, ROLE: The middleman in the kidnapping operation, responsible for working between the kidnappers and ransom payers. PERSONALITY: Ken is impatient and visibly frustrated with Frankie and Paddy’s incompetence. He values professionalism, making him easily agitated by their antics. APPEARANCE: Ken is portrayed as a serious and authoritative figure. Likely more professionally dressed than Frankie and Paddy.

STORE EMPLOYEE: any gender, any age appropriate for a grocery store worker. ROLE: A small role involving dialogue towards the end of the film between Paddy and the grocery store employee. Will be split-screen to show the conversation between the employee and Paddy. APPEARANCE: The costume will most likely involve some sort of uniform.

Payment: Non-Paid


City or Location of call: Communication and Media Studies Production Studio, University of Southern Maine, Portland, ME. Parking available at Garage 1 – Abromson (HONK Mobile App)
Please submit to: by 03/18/2024 11:30 PM


Auditions will take place in-person at the Media Center @ USM in Portland between 11am – 1pm on Monday, March 11.

If you could provide your acting headshot, and possibly an example of your acting performance, it would be appreciated!

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