Major Cable Network Docu-Series Seeking Adults Living at Home

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  • Post last modified:03/03/2024


Acclaimed production company in cooperation with a major cable network is currently casting for a documentary series about adult children living at home.

Participants are PAID for taking part as well as receive help from experts. NOTE: Both parents and the adult children must be willing to participate. Casting nationwide.

Are you an adult who lives at home with your parents? Do you have a rocky relationship with mom and dad? Do you and/or your parents want you to move out but unsure of how to get unstuck?

OR – Are you a parent whose child is an adult and is struggling to leave the nest and you feel like it’s their time to go, but just need some help? Is there tension and chaos in the household because of the living situation and something needs to change?

If you’re interested in participating or know someone who might be a good fit, please email:

  • Contact information (phone & email)
  • Names and ages of parents and children
  • Location (city and state)
  • Recent photos of children and parents
  • Brief description of your situation


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