Casting People Being Driven Crazy By a Family Member

By | June 28, 2024

Casting Call for Major Network TV Show: Speak Your Truth

Is Your Mother Driving You Crazy?
Does it feel like your mom doesn’t respect your space or appreciate your independence? Is she meddling in your business and complicating your life? A major network is looking for women aged 30 to 50 who are ready to candidly address these issues with their mothers. This show will help you build confidence and find your voice before having an honest conversation with your mom.

Do You Suspect Your Significant Other of Cheating?
Are you worried that your partner might be unfaithful? A major network is casting women aged 35 to 75 who want to uncover the truth about their relationship. The show offers support in building confidence and finding your voice, leading up to a candid discussion with your significant other.

Is Your Daughter Frustrating You to No End?
Do you feel taken for granted or disrespected by your daughter? This major network show seeks women aged 50 to 75 who are prepared to have an open and honest heart-to-heart with their daughters. Participants will receive help in building confidence and articulating their feelings before confronting their daughters.

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At Your Wits’ End with Your Sister?
Does your sister seem dismissive, disrespectful, or rude? A major network is casting women aged 35 to 75 who are ready to express their true feelings to their sisters. This show provides guidance in building confidence and finding your voice before a frank conversation with your sister.

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