Casting People With Ghost Stories in Savannah, Georgia for Expedition X with Josh Gates

Attention all residents of Savannah! The Discovery Channel is reaching out to individuals who have experienced ghostly encounters that are “too incredible to believe!”

If you have a paranormal story that sends shivers down your spine, this is your chance to be featured on an upcoming episode of “Expedition X with Josh Gates.”  The show’s casting team will be coming to Savannah to hear your stories of the paranormal.

The supernatural show is coming to town and wants to hear about your paranormal experiences. They are looking for everything from paranormal investigators and sensitives to simply someone who has had an unexplainable strange experience.

For those not familiar with the Discovery Channel show, “Expedition X,”  the series delves into the mysterious and unexplained.  “Expedition X,” is hosted by the charismatic adventurer Josh Gates and follows Gates and his team of experts as they embark on daring expeditions to investigate paranormal phenomena, ancient mysteries, and cryptozoological enigmas. With a perfect blend of scientific inquiry and thrilling adventure, “Expedition X” seeks to unravel the secrets behind some of the world’s most perplexing occurrences.

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From uncovering hidden treasures to exploring haunted locations, each episode promises an immersive journey into the unknown. Whether it’s encountering legendary creatures, exploring ancient ruins, or investigating paranormal activities, “Expedition X” captivates audiences with its blend of suspense, excitement, and a quest for the truth.

Whether you are a seasoned paranormal investigator, someone with heightened sensitivities to the supernatural, or simply an individual with an unexplainable and eerie experience, the show wants to hear from you! This is an opportunity to share your spine-tingling encounters and be part of a thrilling exploration into the unknown.



To get involved, simply send an email to By doing so, you’ll receive additional details and a personal invitation to an exclusive town hall meeting. This meeting will be filmed for broadcast on the Discovery Channel, allowing you to share your paranormal tales with a wider audience. Don’t miss this chance to be a part of the supernatural narrative – your ghost story could be the next captivating chapter on “Expedition X with Josh Gates.”

Email to receive more details and a personal invitation to an exclusive town hall meeting that will be filmed for broadcast on Discovery Channel.

Check out a clip from Discovery Channel’s “Expedition X” series.

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