Community Theater Auditions in Cissna Park IL

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The Marvelous Wonderettes

Join the production for a trip back to the 1958 Springfield High School prom!

Auditions at:
1280 E 770 North Road
Cissna Park, IL 60924

Performances August 1-11, 2024

This smash off-Broadway hit introduces you to Betty Jean, Cindy Lou, Missy, and Suzy, four high school girls with dreams as big as their crinoline skirts. They serenade us with classic ’50s hits like “Lollipop,” “Dream Lover,” “Stupid Cupid,” and “Lipstick on Your Collar.” In Act II, the Wonderettes reunite for their ten-year high school reunion, sharing the ups and downs of their lives while continuing to charm with their resilience and friendship. Featuring over 30 classic ’50s and ’60s hits, The Marvelous Wonderettes is a delightful musical journey down memory lane.

Audition Details:

  • Date: May 28, 2024, at 6:00 pm
  • Location: Country Theatre Workshop, 1280 East 700 North Road, Cissna Park, IL
  • Contact: If unable to attend, please contact Pat Ward at 815-383-1269.

Cast Requirements: Auditioners must be able to convincingly portray characters aged 17-18 in Act I and aged 27-28 in Act II.



  • Personality: The over-achiever, always ready to jump in and save the day. Head of the prom decorations committee, smitten with her music teacher, and best friends with Suzy since elementary school.
  • Vocal Range: Soprano with a wide range, very high vocals, able to belt/mix.
  • Audition Song: “Secret Love” (Soprano/High Voice G3–A5)

Cindy Lou:

  • Personality: The “bad girl” who seems to always get her way, causing friction with Betty Jean. Undergoes the most significant change between acts, learning about true love and loss.
  • Vocal Range: Mezzo-Soprano with a strong belt.
  • Audition Song: “Son of a Preacher Man” (Mezzo-Soprano/Middle to High Voice E3–F5)

Betty Jean:

  • Personality: The self-anointed clown of the group, always seeking attention from Cindy Lou. Holds a grudge against Cindy Lou for stealing her boyfriend until they reconcile at the reunion.
  • Vocal Range: Mezzo-Alto with a strong range.
  • Audition Song: “Lipstick on Your Collar” (Alto/Low Voice D3–E5)


  • Personality: Happy-go-lucky, giddy, and silly, finding joy in everything. Best friends with Missy. (Note: Avoid playing her as a stereotypical “ditzy blonde.”)
  • Vocal Range: Mezzo Alto with a sweet, soulful sound and big belt.
  • Audition Song: “Stupid Cupid”

General Audition Song for All:

  • Song: “Mr. Sandman” (Mezzo-Alto/Middle-Low Voice G3–E5)


  • Please prepare one of the character-specific songs that best showcases your vocal range and storytelling ability. Tracks will be provided.
  • Bring printed sheet music with your selected cut clearly marked.
  • An accompanist will be available; no backing tracks or a cappella auditions.

Rehearsal Schedule:

  • To be determined based on cast availability.

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