HBO’s “Gilded Age” Drama Casting Albany & Rensselaer County Locals (NY) for Paid Extra Roles

By | June 12, 2024

Casting Call: “The Gilded Age” – Seeking Albany & Rensselaer County Locals for Paid Extra Roles

Grant Wilfley Casting is looking for Albany and Rensselaer County locals to appear as paid extras in the HBO series “The Gilded Age.” Filming will take place in Albany, Schenectady, and Troy, NY, from August 5 to August 23, 2024.

“The Gilded Age” on HBO: A Historical Drama – Casting Paid Extras

The HBO series “The Gilded Age” is resuming production in New York, and is actively seeking paid extras and background actors for upcoming filming. This historical drama offers an opportunity to step into the elegance and complexity of the late 19th century.

Other auditions taking applications in the New York area.

“The Gilded Age” is a historical drama created by Julian Fellowes, the visionary behind the acclaimed Downtown Abbey. Set against the opulence and rapid social change of the late 1800s, the series explores the lives and tensions of New York’s upper crust and emerging titans of industry, showcasing a period when the American economy was expanding at an unprecedented rate and wealth disparities were starkly visible.

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Check out the below trailer:


  • Who: Local residents of Albany and Rensselaer County
  • Roles: Background extras portraying 1880s characters
  • Filming Dates: August 5 – August 23, 2024
  • Locations: Albany, Schenectady, and Troy, NY

Costume Fittings:

  • Location: Troy, NY
  • Start Date: June 26, 2024
  • Requirements: Fittings are mandatory prior to the shoot dates.

Pay Rates:

  • SAG-AFTRA Members:
    • Fitting: $52 for 2 hours
    • Shoot Day: $216 for 8 hours
  • Non-SAG Members:
    • Fitting: $40 for 2.5 hours
    • Shoot Day: $176 for 10 hours


  • Environment: Must be comfortable working around smoke.
  • Allergies: No allergies to wool.
  • Appearance:
    • No visible tattoos.
    • Natural hair colors only (no highlights or modern hairstyles).
    • Men must be open to a period-appropriate haircut.
    • Women will be fitted with a corset and bustle.

Submission Instructions: Email the following details to with the subject line “Troy Sa Local”:

  • Full name
  • Phone number
  • SAG-AFTRA status (whether a member in good standing or not)
  • Height, weight, clothing, and shoe sizes
  • Current photos (include natural hair color and style)
  • For Minors: Submissions must come from a parent/guardian and include the minor’s date of birth and age.




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