Open Online Video Auditions in US, Mexico and South America for Telemundo (Miami, Los Angeles, Mexico City and Bogota)

Open online auditions for Telemundo have been announced.

Telemundo has exciting news for aspiring actors as it announces a huge international open casting call for 2024.
Telemundo announced that open auditions, online for multiple Telemundo shows will kick off in February and they are seeking new, currently undiscovered talent in the Americas for their upcoming lineup of Spanish language shows.

Auditions will be held online, via video auditions and those selected to move on in the process will later be invited to come to an in person audition which they plan to hold in the cities of Miami, Los Angeles, Mexico City and Bogota.

In 2023 alone, the Telemundo network produced a staggering 900 hours of scripted and unscripted content, and the bar is set even higher for 2024 with plans to surpass 1,000 hours. This monumental initiative aims to discover exceptional talent to contribute to Telemundo’s continued success.



Telemundo, recognized as the premier producer of scripted Spanish-language content in the U.S., boasts an impressive array of award-winning original productions. From crime dramas like La Reina del Sur and El Señor de los Cielos to gripping premium dramas such as Vuelve a Mi and Juego de Mentiras, Telemundo captivates audiences with its diverse storytelling. The network’s portfolio extends to dramatic comedies like Betty en NY and 100 Días para Enamorarnos, offering a perfect blend of humor and emotion. Additionally, Telemundo delivers limited premium series like El Marginal and Historia de la Familia Greco, showcasing its commitment to providing a rich and varied entertainment experience for viewers.

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Telemundo, a leading Spanish-language television network, stands at the forefront of entertainment, delivering dynamic and culturally rich content to a diverse audience. With a commitment to providing high-quality programming, Telemundo has become a powerhouse in the world of scripted and unscripted television. In 2023 alone, the network produced over 900 hours of captivating content, showcasing a blend of compelling storytelling and engaging performances. As it looks ahead to 2024, Telemundo is embarking on an ambitious international open casting call, spanning the U.S., Mexico, and Colombia, in search of fresh and talented individuals to contribute to its continued success.

Under the leadership of Ronald Day, the President of Entertainment and Content, Telemundo remains dedicated to showcasing the highest level of talent both in front of and behind the camera. With a rich legacy and a commitment to diversity, Telemundo continues to captivate audiences worldwide with its vibrant and culturally resonant programming.



In 2021, Telemundo launched Telemundo Streaming Studios,  a new studio unit to develop, premium, original streaming content.  Telemundo is part of NBCUniversal.  According to Forbes, the new unit of Telemundo was launched to address the growing demand of Latino audiences in the U.S., as well as expand international licensing opportunities.

Ronald Day, the President of Entertainment and Content for Telemundo, emphasized the significance of having top-tier talent both in front of and behind the camera for the network’s ongoing success. He expressed, “As we continue to produce the highest-quality scripted and unscripted content for our audiences across the U.S., counting with the highest level of talent, both in front of and behind the camera, is a cornerstone to our success.” The casting call presents a golden opportunity for actors to showcase their skills and potentially land roles in several upcoming scripted productions, including an eagerly anticipated project at Telemundo Center in Miami, soon to be announced. This initiative underscores Telemundo’s commitment to fostering new talent and creating compelling content that resonates with diverse audiences.

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