Theater Auditions in Maryland for “Anastasia”

The Washington County Playhouse Dinner Theater is proud to announce…


Auditions will be held on Sunday, August 4th and Monday, August 5th, 2024.

Auditionees only need to attend one night of auditions.

*Children auditioning for Young Anastasia & Young Alexi please join us on Sunday August 4th ONLY.
Sunday, August 4th: Sign In 1:30 pm, Auditions Begin at 2:00 pm

Must be signed in by 2:15 pm
*Children auditioning for Young Anastasia & Young Alexi please join us on this day ONLY.

Monday August 5th: Sign In 6:00 pm, Auditions Begin 6:30 pm
Must be signed in by 6:45 pm

The roles of Lily and Vlad are closed. All other roles open.
Must be 18+ to audition for roles other than Young Anastasia/Young Alexi.
Swings/Understudies may be cast/considered. The role of Anya may be double cast or understudied with guaranteed performances.

Please bring headshot and resume with you to audition.
Please prepare 16 bars of a song in the style of the show to be sung a cappella. You may be asked to learn/sing a song from Anastasia at auditions, so familiarity with the cast recording is highly encouraged, but not necessary.

Be prepared to perform cold readings from the script.
There will be a dance audition, so please bring or wear clothes that you can move in and that show our choreographer how you move.
While in-person auditions are preferred/will be given priority for this production, we will accept video submissions if auditionees are unable to appear in person.

Video submissions must be sent via email to by NO LATER THAN 6:00pm (EST) on Sunday, August 4th. In this email, please include your headshot, resume, a self-tape of you singing your prepared 16 bars in the style of the show. If you have dance experience or a dance reel, please also include that in your email. Finally, please include any rehearsal conflicts spanning September 1 – November 14, 2024 and any performance conflicts with any of the below dates.
Performance Dates: Friday and Saturday evenings November 15, 16, 22, 23, 29, 30, December 6, 7, 13, 14, 21 and Sunday matinees December 8, 15, 22.

All performers will be paid a per-performance stipend. Additionally, those cast will be given the opportunity to join the restaurant service staff (if legally eligible, and following training) where they may earn gratuities.

Must reside within driving distance to Hagerstown, MD. Housing is not provided.

Character Breakdown:
Anya (Anastasia)
Playing age: mid-20s
Range: G3-F5, Soprano/Mezzo
Anya is brave, fiery, witty, and above all determined. With no memory of her life before age 17 and having lived through the horrors of the Russian Revolution, Anya jumps at the sound of gunshots and is distrustful of strangers, but there is steel hiding just beneath the surface. Anya is strong-willed and compassionate. Her mantra, “Home, love, family” is her goal. All she knows is her family is in Paris and she will find them however she can. Is she the Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanov? Only time will tell.

Playing age: late 20s
Range: A2-G4
Dmitry is a scoundrel with a heart of gold. A street rat who grew into a con man, Dmitry does all he does to get out of poverty and is not above lying, cheating, and stealing to do so–that is until he meets Anya. What starts as just another scheme (albeit much bigger than anything he’s tried to pull off before) turns into the adventure of a lifetime that requires Dmitry to look inward and figure out how to put the one he loves before himself.

Deputy Commissioner Gleb Vaganov
Playing age: Mid 30s
Range: A2-Gb4
Gleb is the villain of the show, though not a bad person. He fully believes in the Communist ideals he follows. Loyal, honest, and hard working, Gleb almost has the potential to be a hero (he’s very much the hero of his own story). A deeply conflicted person, Gleb’s infatuation (and borderline obsession) with Anya leads to his battle with the idea of doing one’s duty vs. doing what is right.

Dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna
Playing age: 80
The Dowager Empress has lost everything she once held dear and must now put up with imposter upon imposter who claims to be Anastasia, never allowing her to grieve in peace. She is icy, proud, and regal (not to mention intimidating) to all but her family. Though she has a very sharp wit, she has a warmth and deep love for Anastasia. She commands authority and attention the minute she enters a room.

Young Anastasia & Young Alexi
Playing Age: 5-6
Looking for actors/actresses between the ages of 8 and 14. This actor/actress may cover both tracks.

Featured and Ensemble Roles Include:
The Romanov Family (Tsar, Tsarina, Three Romanov Sisters, Other Servants and Family Members, Little Anastasia, Little Alexi)
Citizens of St. Petersburg (Gorlinsky, Count Ipolitov, Black Marketeers, Marfa, Paulina, Dunya, Comrades, Drunks, Policemen, etc)
Parisian Citizens (Reporters, Neva Club Guests, Count Leopold, Sergei, Count Gregory, Countess Gregory, Ballet Dancers, etc)

ANASTASIA Production Staff:
Producer: Mack’s Theatricals LLC
Director: Shawn R. Martin
Music Director: Tyler Miller
Choreographer: Logan Conner

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