Theater Auditions in White Rock, British Columbia, Canada for “The Murder Room”

By | July 11, 2024

White Rock Players Club – The Murder Room

Location: White Rock Players Club in White Rock, BC

Audition / Call Type: Theater


Sunday July 14 – Auditions 1pm-4pm

Monday July 15 – Auditions 7pm-10pm

Wednesday July 17 – Callbacks 7pm-10pm?

Director: Lance Peverley

Co-Producers: Scott Kristjanson, Rosemary Schuster

Auditions will be a cold-read of selected scripts based on similar roles from other plays.


The Murder Room is a a high-energy farce and send-up of British whodunnits, in which every perform displays speed, dexterity and precise comedic timing.The laughs are great and should build to a rhythm in which the audience quickly realizes it has to stifle laughter to hear word-play, building to key moments every few beats.

Please send your audition requests to to book your slot.

Six actors required:

The characters are broadly drawn and farcical, with five requiring varied spot-on English dialects (takes place in Yorkshire, but the voices can be called to slip in and out of multiple regions), and one requiring an American voice and mannerisms (as seen through the eyes of rest of the world). All should be seen to have secrets.

Edgar Hollister/Abel Howard — Edgar is a handsome, dapper, aristocrat in his 50s, though his very real looking fake silver wig and moustache makes him look much older. He pays attention to detail and seems one step ahead of his scheming bride Mavis. Edgar is Susan’s father.
Abel is a pleasant-faced, youngish-looking, bumbling uniformed police officer, assigned to let the Hollister family they have found their cat.


Mavis Templeton Hollister — Mavis is a strikingly beautiful, scheming villainess in her mid-30s. We meet her shortly after she marries Edgar and within seconds we learn that she wants him dead to inherit his wealth. She considers herself a great liar. Mavis is also the secret lover of James.


Lottie Molloy — Lottie is dottie and a pleasant faced, matronly, housekeeper in her mid-60s. She’s been with the Hollister family for 30 years and knows many of their secrets. She is not the smartest person in most rooms, but at times unexpectedly insightful and perceptive.

30-70, must be comfortable with physicality, riding on handlebars etc.

Insp. James Crandall — James is a handsome mid-40s police detective assigned to the Hollister household’s “routine missing-persons case.” He is theatrical and proud in his deductions, but also the bad guy and Mavis’s secret lover.


Susan Hollister — Susan is a pretty young thing with big-eyed smiling innocence. She is a chatterbox, speaking brightly, often and often to extent, though it’s never clear if she knows the importance of what she is saying. Susan is Barry’s fiancé and is also the daughter of Edgar/Abel, and new step-daughter to Mavis.


Barry Draper — Barry is tall, rugged, non-nonsense, handsome and a ‘typical’ American manly man. Despite being new to the U.K. and a fish our of water, he reveals himself to be quite perceptive. He is Susan’s fiancé and when she first arrives, he is in tow for her every move.

20-40, must ride a ‘lady’s bicycle’ on stage, with Lottie on the handlebars.

Payment: Non-Paid

City or Location of call: White Rock Players Club
Please submit to: by 07/17/2024 7:00 PM

Please send your audition requests to to book your slot.

This casting notice was posted by: White Rock Players Club

Address: Oceana Parc Playhouse, 1532 Johnston Rd, White Rock, BC V4B 3Z7, Canada

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