Ever dreamed of working on a cruise ship?

Sounds fun, right?

  1. You get to do what you want to do… perform.
  2. Make great money.
  3. Receive great accommodations on board ship.
  4. Travel the world.
  5. Eat exotic cuisine.
  6. and make great new friends!

Sounds like a dream, but, you have the power to turn that dream into reality.

Dozens, if not hundreds of production companies, cruise lines and event companies hire performers on a daily basis. There is always a new show to put on, a new act to book, a piano bar in need of a singer and a stage in need of dancers. New cruise line shows and events are cast daily and every show needs talent.

While large stage productions are cast through open calls, the smaller shows and cruise line jobs are not advertised and the only way to find out about the jobs is to call the production company or check their website. On their websites you will often see the open positions for talent on various cruise lines and how to apply.

Most cruise ship jobs are contracts for certain shows running a set number of days or months. Many are part of the performers union and offer great pay & benefits which may include room & board, free travel for yourself and even your family.

If you are interested in finding a cruise ship job, begin in researching the large cruise lines and find out the names of the production companies they use to create and cast their shows. Some cruise lines have an in-house department that handles shows and casting while others hire contractors and production companies to handle the shows. Most cruise lines do both, some shows are handled by their own employees and others are contracted to production and event companies.

Put together a list of cruise lines and ships you would like to work on. When creating your list, keep in mind there are hundreds of smaller ships such as niche cruises, private cruises and others that you may never have heard of. All of which hire talent as well.

Contact the cruise lines and find out who casts the shows they produce. Create a mailing list from the information. Some shows except email submissions while others require a hard copy be mailed. Make sure you can handle both.

If they take electronic submissions, email a resume, letter and photos. Follow up the electronic submission with a hard copy mailing of a resume, Cover letter and headshot. Some productions have a casting hotline that you can call for more info and smaller companies may have a number posted for the person who does the casting.

While many of the large productions, like Disney’s Cruise extravaganzas, go to great lengths for casting and hold many open calls. Some of the smaller shows, such as lounge acts, piano bars, solo acts, etc. go unadvertised and have very few people applying.

I have heard of people simply calling one of the production companies to ask about openings and got the job right there over the phone. The conversation went something like this… ” Hi my name is so and so and I was interested in any upcoming opportunities or auditions” Casting directors reply ” What can you do?”.. “Well I sing”… “can you also play piano?”… “Yes I can, have been playing since I was a child”… “Great, we may be able to use you on so and so ship. Call so and so, tell them I sent you to audition”. Off  she sailed the following week.

With enough research, emails, phone calls and inquiries, that dream job on board an exquisite cruise ship sailing to some exotic destination…. can be yours.

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