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CW Reality / Docu Series – Plastic Surgery Obsession

The CW network (home to such series as The Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, and 90210) is casting a new documentary series about women leading double lives because of a secret addiction or obsession. We are looking for women 18-30 with an obsession and love for plastic surgery. Do you frequently go under the knife? Are […]


Casting CW “Secrets”

The CW is casting a brand new documentary series entitled “my secret”. We are looking for women 18-30 who feel they live a double life due to a secret obsession or issue. Currently we are working on our pilot episode about women obsessed with SEX. Do you enjoy casually hooking up or get bored with […]

CW “Secrets” Casting Call

The CW network is developing a new docu-reality series about young women. Do you have a secret that’s forcing you to live a double life? If so, we want to know your stories. Our production team has over 20 years of TV experience. We will treat your story, your family and friends with the utmost […]

Casting Young Women for The CW Network Show “Secrets”

Do you have a secret addiction or obsession that’s forcing you to live a double life? We want to know your stories.
Imagine living your picture-perfect life. By day, you are a beautiful, talented and ambitious 20-something. But at night, everything changes— you give in to temptation, to the dark side of yourself. You keep your […]

The CW Network Casting Call for “Secrets”

CW network casting a documentary / reality show called “Secrets”.
The CW network is looking for sophisticated women 18-28 who struggle with intimacy issues and/or plastic surgery addiction for it’s new documentary series, “Secrets.”
We want to hear from you! To learn more about the casting, visit! Mention Kelly Lafer when applying so that we can […]