“Supernatural” Spin-off “Supernatural: Bloodlines” Now Casting


The TV pilot for the CW’s “Supernatural” will be filming very soon and the casting directors for the TV pilot have released casting call information for extras in the Chicago area.

Supernatural: Bloodlines will star Melissa Roxburgh as Violet. Also strarring in the TV pilot is Nathaniel Buzolic, Sean Faris and Stephen Martines. Supernatural: Bloodlines is written by Andrew Dabb and directed by Robert Singer. The series “Supernatural” is currently airing the 9th season, so it may be time for that spin-off. The show was previously called ‘Supernatural: Tribes”, but current reports state that the show will now be called Bloodlines and will be set in Chicago.

According to deadline, Supernatural: Bloodlines revolves around the various gangster style monster families that unknowingly to humans “run” the underbelly of Chicago. The supernaturals are being hunted now and are being tracked by a newly minted Hunter who’s trying to stop them and free the city of Chicago from the monsters that may be roaming its streets.

Also, the Winchester brothers will be coming back to hunt some more as the original series “Supernatural” will be coming back for season 10 as well.

In the CW series, Violet is a werewolf and part of a  pack but is forced to hide her true nature for various reasons one of which is her relationship with a rival. The show will have a monsters VS. Hunters scenario as well as other incorporated storylines.

The scene being shot will film towards the end of March. The shows pilot episode is supposed to air on the CW Network in April, THR has reported has reported a air date of April 29th , and the new show will premiere for a full schedule in the fall of 2014.

Atmosphere casting has created a registration form for those who wish to be hired by the production as extras. They are accepting general submissions from Chicago locals and have not specified any exact types they are looking for.

Chicago area locals only

Atmosphere casting released the following info:

We will be casting extras for “SUPERNATURAL: BLOODLINES”, a pilot spin-off of CW’s “SUPERNATURAL

Filming will take place for only 3 DAYS…MARCH 25, 26, and 27th.

We will need less than 100 extras TOTAL for the whole 3 days.

You MUST first take the time to register with Atmosphere in Chicago before applying for a part in the show through the extra submission form. Please see this page for information on how to apply.

Casting Call for "Supernatural Bloodlines"

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  1. Evan Utz

    Hi my name is Evan Utz. I’m very interested in any projects you have coming up. I have some acting/modeling experience. I’m mostly interested in Supernatural bloodlines. I am open for auditions, please consider me.

  2. VonFrederick Gipson

    Hi, my name is VonFrederick Gipson and I am interested in your upcoming project.

    I am very motivated in auditioning for any available role. Here is a link to my web page so you have a few photos for your review. Please contact me as soon as possible with my audition date and time.

    Thank you,

    VonFrederick Gipson


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