Don’t get scammed

The acting and modeling industry is full of newcomers and those newcomers are large targets for scammers of all kinds. There are so many scams around these days and the following pages and articles describe what they are, how to protect yourself as well as have tons of comments from consumers, actors , models, and parents of kids who want to get into the industry. Are you worried about a casting call or agency? Check out all the information and make an informed decision about anyone who asks you for money up front.

Generally, agencies get a percentage of what an actor or model makes so beware of anyone who asks for fees from you. It is common for actors and models to pay for certain items like photos, headshots and comp cards, but those fees should be paid to a independent photographer.

The pages below cover many of the ways an actor or model can become a victim of a scam artist

10 signs of an acting agency scam
Child Acting Scams
Disney Auditions and Nickelodeon auditions – how the scam works
How to Spot a Modeling / Acting Scam
Getting a “real” Agent
Disney Auditions on the Radio
Modeling Scams – photo mills


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