Castings and Auditions for T.D. Jakes Show

Casting Guests With Mother-in-Law Issues for T.D. Jakes Talk Show in Los Angeles

T.D. Jakes Talk Show is Looking for Guests Location: Los Angeles, Nationwide Type: Talk Show Is your mother-in-law or in-laws destroying your marriage? Does she make you feel like YOU’RE the third-wheel? Do your in-laws ignore your boundaries: household, parenting, etc.? Will they just not accept you as part of the family? Have you ever… Read More »

T.D. Jakes Show is Casting Guests For Multiple Segments Nationwide, Paid Trip to L.A.

New Daytime Talk Show is Seeking Guests! Location: Nationwide Type: Reality TV Do you or anyone you know fall into either of these categories: MY TEEN IS OUT OF CONTROL     Are you struggling to tame your rebellious teen and feel like you have to walk on eggshells around them? Is your home a constant “drama… Read More »