Iron Man 3 Casting Call for Extras


Casting small roles and positions as extras on set of the new Iron Man movie – All extras will be paid

The third movie in the DC comics Iron Man franchise is now filming in Raleigh, North Carolina and other parts of North Carolina during the summer. The first casting call for extras will be going on this weekend. Iron Man 3 stars Robert Downey Jr., Don Cheadle, Gwyneth Paltrow and Scarlett Johansson. Iron Man 3 is also rumored to have gotten Ben Kingsley to play a villain in the new film.

Iron Man 3 is now in production and is looking at a May 2013 release date in theaters nationwide.

Casting directors are looking for people to fill some small roles as well as seeking extras for the production. Filming for the new Iron Man movie is set to begin later on this month and there may be more casting calls for extras to come later as the movie begins filming.

For the moment, Iron Man 3 is using the working title “Caged Heat”. The first audition for the film will be held this Saturday. The same casting directors that also cast The Hunger Games, will be holding the casting call.

Those wishing to apply to be used as extras for the movie can come on down this Saturday. Make sure to bring a pen and a current photo of yourself to the location.

Iron Man 3 Extras
Saturday April 14th 2012
10 am – 1 pm
Crabtree Valley Mall
4325 Glenwood Ave

There will also be another casting call for the movie in Wilmington shortly.

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