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Black Ribbon Casting Call

Where: Los Angeles, CA
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Type: Film

Short Film
Director: Evan Carp
Writer: Kathleen MacKay
Producer/Casting Director (LA/SF): Ashley George
Start Date: Early November
Location: Los Angeles, CA / Joshua Tree, CA

1. Please email your pic, resume and direct link to reel (link preferred, please no downloads).
2. Note “Black Ribbon” and the role you are submitting for in the subject line. EX: “Black Ribbon – Sabina Cree”.
3. Email submissions to

Email suggestions/packages to:

Sabina Cree: (40-50) Sharp, intuitive, a woman of few words, always a step ahead. Sabina and her true love Harlan spent years on the road as faith healers until Harlan died in a terrible accident, a healing gone wrong. Sabina now lives secluded with only the company of her plants, the wind and other desert dwellers. Still grieving over the loss of her husband, she’s content to trade the road (where she’s seen enough ugliness and evil) for a place to call her own and spend her days in peace and solitude. Once in a blue moon, she’ll get a visitor hoping to glean her services, but she has ways of getting rid of them. Faith healing brings back bad memories and she avoids it all costs. When Stanley and Beryl come to her, she’s reminded of her dead husband’s compassion for those who need their services, and feels compelled to use her gift to help them. Compassionate but not empathetic, brutal and direct. Relates to few, loves even fewer. Hard and cold, yet unable to turn a blind eye when she sees she can help and right a wrong.

Stanley Frank: (35-40) Thin/string-bean tweaker type. Grew up with his unofficially adopted single mom on an Indian reservation where he learned his fierce ideals of family and commitment from her. Was bullied, an outcast, yet never lost his childlike sense of loyalty and passion for those he loves. Met Beryl at a fast food drive through, taking her in after she said he “looked nice”. Stanley felt it’s his calling to take care of this misguided, naive soul – and they’re now inseparable. Beryl is Stanley’s world, his sidekick, his lover, and he’ll resort to any measure to protect her. He’s determined to get Sabina’s help and has no intention of being turned away. Impulsive, hot-blooded. His morality and sense of duty to Beryl is what rules him. Nervous and twitchy at times. Simple and not overly clever, but not helpless either. Acts rashly out of desperation.

Beryl: (18-26) Has always been able to attach herself to helpful men (and women) who want to save her. She’s 100% dependent upon Stanley in any situation, demonic possession included. She prefers not to be bothered with the difficult circumstances in life, and her possession is just an inconvenience that needs a remedy. Trusting, playful, klepto, entitled, superstitious, childlike/innocent engagement with the world. Was the baby in her family

STORY: Sabina likes the quiet of the desert, and Joshua Tree allows her the calm safe haven she’s been seeking since the death of her husband and second half to her faith-healing duo. When Stanley and Beryl arrive unannounced, she sees that her services are needed no matter how far away she’s hidden them.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Los Angeles, CA
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