Auditions for “Jamesy Boy” with Edward James Olmos

By | November 25, 2010

Movie Auditions NYC

The feature film “JAMESY BOY” is now casting in NYC – MACKEY SANDRICH CASTING is handling the project. The film “Jamesy Boy, stars Edward James Olmos. The film is casting in NY and shooting for the project is scheduled to begin 1/2011. Jamesy Boy is casting union and non-union actors for the role listed below.

EDWARD JAMES OLMOS is already cast to play the role of Conrad. The film is seeking a male actor who can play a teen for the part of James Burns. James is a 18 to 2- ish (or looks to be) physically strong and externally menacing. James grows up too fast and has a history that has landed him into nothing but trouble. In and out of juvenile hall since the age of 6 for a violent past, he eventually gets involved in drug running.

The film takes place in prison. James as a teen, is not allowed to attend public school because of his record, as a result, James is frustrated and very bored with his situation.

A weapons deal gone wrong will eventually get James into a whole bunch of trouble ins in prison at 17. At prison, James finds a mentor in Conrad who teaches him how to deal with things.

Conrad is a inmate serving life that befriends James and helps with James finding his maturity.

The character of James, think young CHANNING TATUM in “Guide to Recognizing Your Saints.”

Email Convincing Photos & Resume!

Trained, Untrained, SAG or Non-Union are encouraged to Submit.

Auditions are currently being held in New York until cast.
Those appropriate candidates outside the NYC area, will be contacted directly with instructions to self-tape and send auditions.

Please email headshot and acting resume to