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Perfect Union Film Audition
Casting notice posted on, casting location: San Francisco
Can two men stay committed in an open relationship? Eric is monogamous, while Conrad is polyamorous. The couple married in the midst of the Prop 8 flurry. After holding back for 3 years Conrad needs to share his life and love. Eric is confused and scared. Will he lose Conrad? Can he live in an open marriage? How can you share your heart with more than one man? These are the questions Eric and Conrad must confront as they relive the memories of their relationship.

Read the character descriptions below and apply for the one that fits you best. Send a photo/headshot, letter, resume, showreel, film something, anything you think will help. If possible send everything via email with links if necessary. Submit immediately to be considered for auditions.

Auditions are Saturday, December 18th & 19th by appointment. Two rehearsals will be scheduled the week leading up to filming. Filming is scheduled for

Saturday January 8th & Sunday the 9st. We are offering a $200 stipend for leads and $60 for supporting roles (1/2 day commitment). You can see info on the previous film by Bryan Darling at, password is wholeadsfilm, with more info at

ERIC (28-35, LEAD)
Eric is a self-employed gay man. He had always desired finding that one guy -Know- ingthat somewhere there had to be another man he could love, that would love him, and they would have a special connection. He’s always been confident and sure of his path in life, his wants and needs.
Finding Conrad was a defining moment in his life. He had never he such a strong bond. He popped the question after a year together and with the 2008 Prop 8 election looming. Now in their second year of marriage Conrad tells Eric he needs to open their relationship up. He wants to find another partner to share his life and love.

Eric is confused. He must look inside himself. Is monogamy hardwired? Have I been so- cially programmed to just be with one man? What is marriage?

CONRAD (25-30, LEAD)
Conrad is a polyamorous gay man. He’s had several poly relationships over the years. He was single when he met Eric, and they instantly connected. He’s always been up front with Eric about his past. Eric never quite understood, but their love kept them going.

When Eric proposed amid the Prop 8 debate, Conrad was put on the stop. While he couldn’t deny his poly feelings, he wanted Eric to know he was committed to seeing their relationship through. He said yes out of love for Eric and his desire for Eric to feel secure.

Now, two years into marriage, Conrad feels trapped. He can no longer suppress his need to connect, share, and love others. He must find a way to assure Eric he is not leaving and there is no threat to their relationship – that he can love another man as equally as he can Eric.

David is a entrepreneur and art collector. As one of the movers and shakers in San Fran- cisco, he is known for his parties. During a party he introduces Eric to Conrad thus set- ting off a chain reaction.

Thomas is polyamorous. He is an artist known for his paintings and sketches. Conrad and Thomas are embarking on a relationship themselves. During the opening to his new show he meets Conrad’s husband, Eric.

Casting Location: San Francisco
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