Casting call for office renovation show

By | March 30, 2010

Casting call for office makeover show. Seeking people whose office space is a complete mess and would like a professionals help to clean it up and renovate the work space. Seeking office pack rats and people who have never thrown a scrap of paper, note or coffee cup out in their work lives… or at least look like they haven’t. If it’s time to de-clutter your work area… read on.

Is your office or work space the one people are talking about? Do people wonder “how do you get any work done in there,” or “how do you live / work among all that crazy clutter?”

Is your office a huge mess? Do you know someone whose office is a huge mess?

Are their way too many papers lying around? Too many troll dolls on the desk? Does your cubicle have a crazy theme, like “the 80s,” “Goth” or “Disco?”

If so — a well established reality production company is looking for you! We’d love to tell your story and THEN: renovate your space!

Please send 1) a brief description of the person with the crazy work space and 2) photos of the work space in question.

Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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