Casting Design Show | L.A.

By | March 14, 2010

Do you know someone who thinks they designed an awsome room but its actually not? You know they type….maybe they turned your tv room into a tiki room or your bedroom into a tropical garden paradise? Maybe they collect tea sets or stuffed animals and love to display them all over their home. Or maybe it’s just Xmas at your house…all year long.

Our new Design intervention Show is looking for people who know people with a room that’s themed and would love to see it changed.

Our series take delusional “do it yourself designers” and shows them how to take their intended room from themed to tastefull.

Ahh and there is a twist……we sorta trick the intended onto the show…..telling them we are celebrating their design style when actually we are making it over. So remember to keep the secret or you can’t be cast.

We need you to nominate your friend, sister, girlfriend or wife….so we can make their home amazing. LA Area only. Own or rent ok..but your room must be able to tell a story. Everyone is free to apply.

If you know someone who is great for this show…please send pics of yourself, the person and the room ASAP. Casting closes in a week and we want to get as many houses to network.

The makeover is worth THOUSANDS of dollars and you will love it!!!

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