Casting Multiple Roles for Indie Film | Atlanta

By | June 21, 2010

Casting Indie film in Atlanta Georgia. The film is being made for submission to film festivals.

Character list and descriptions are provided below. The submission deadline for the film in 6/22/2010
Character of One Montoya shoud have world class martial arts skills. Reel required.

Deadline to submit reels is June 22, 2010
P.O. Box 474
Red Oak Georgia 30272


A dysfunctional family discovers the stunning truth about life before life – free will, and unconditional love.

Ellen Maze – late 30’s – early 40’s
Eloquent high society woman with tremendous intellectual elan. Decapitates her opponents with superior knowledge and self righteous venom. Also known as “Hurricane Ellen”.

Dana Killings – 30’s
Articulate highly educated woman with nuclear confidence. Prolific pro choice activist. The only woman on earth that can handle the Hurricane.

Marci Maze 18
Benevolent good girl. A wounded healer who sacrifices herself to save others. Overwhelmed by her mothers wrath.
Role Requires Nudity?

Savannah Rose – 60’s – 70’s
Dignity incarnate. Calm spiritual wisdom. Guides her grand daughter [ Marci ] to the the orphic truth.

Angela Morris – 30’s
Mild mannered. Simple. Preemptive strike maniac with paranoid delusional disorder. Distrusting of everyone accept her lifetime friend – Ellen,

Michael Maze – 40’s
Affable, optimistic college professor. Sees the bright side of life as a priority. Ellen’s husband.

Silk – 20’s
Seductive woman of intense sexual heat. Slaughters men with her raw physical appeal. Suffers from kleptomania. Tries to lure Marci into a life of crime.

Billy Bad Dog Baker – 18 Male
Arrogant, bull headed star quarterback at Madison high. Marci’s love interest.

Loco – 18
Cunning, scheming, part time drug dealer. Billy’s best friend

One Montoya – 20’s – 30’s
Quiet grocery store clerk. Lives life by cold logic. Championship martial artist.

Dodson 30’s – 40’s
Know it all complainer, neighborhood handyman. Advice for everybody.