Casting New Home Design Show “Design Rescue” | Texas

Texas Casting Call

Major cable company is seeking families in Texas for a new home decorating and design TV show.

Design Rescue – seeking nominations for room re-decorating and design. Casting people who want to nominate their friends, neighbors, family members, etc.

Do you know anyone who fits these categories?

  • Do they have at least one room that is really uncool or lacking style?
  • Do they have a room that is decorated uniquely or unusual?
  • Do they think they know how to decorate, but you disagree?
  • Do they have their collectibles all over the room?
  • Do they have random knick knacks all over the room or house?

If so nominate them for the show and a team of distinguished designers may just come to the RESCUE on this new light-hearted, uplifting series.

Casting men and women that want to nominate a couple or family that needs help decorating a room in their home.

Email ALL the information requested below to nominate someone for the show, to Casting Director Holland Striplin
1. Nominator NAME (first and last).
2. Nominator PHONE.
3. Nominator EMAIL address.
4. Nominee NAME (first and last) and their relationship to you.
5. City/State where the nominee lives.
6. Describe why the home/room needs a makeover.
7. Why are they perfect candidates to receive the room makeover, including a description of their personality, family, or anything unique about their situation.
8. If you happen to have photos of the room(s) then please include.

Nominee must OWN their home…no rented apartments or houses please.

Seeking families and couples only.