Casting “Plastic Makes Perfect”

By | February 14, 2010

The popular television series “Plastic Makes Perfect” on SLICE Network is casting for the following female roles, if you feel ANY ONE OF THESE apply to you, please don’t hesitate to contact us. This is an amazing opportunity to gain exposure on an international series!

– Women who are so self concious about their looks that they insist on turning the lights off when getting intimate with their partner

– Men who feel they can date a woman any age

– Women who met their partners after getting plastic surgery procedures

– Women who have had more than one plastic surgery procedure

– Women who are proud of taking the initiative to get plastic surgery

– Women who hate their nose and feel that it needs surgery (it sticks out too much/it’s too flat/ it’s too broad/ it’s too narrow/ it’s too bumpy/ it’s not even)

– Women who feel that looks really matter at their workplace – if you’re smart and the prettier you are the further you’ll get

– Women who had plastic surgery especially for or before their wedding – Women who have had Botox day with their maid of honour

– Women who threw Botox bridal party for their bridesmaids

– Women who feel that their weight problem destroyed their chances of getting a relationship

Location: Ontario, Canada

Payment details: no pay

Applications to this casting call require:
•A phone number
•A profile photo

In order to be considered for the roles above, please do the following:

1. Email

2. Subject line: Plastic Surgery Walk-On Lines

3. Indicate the casting call you are interested in, and tell us why

4. Attach your contact number

5. Attach your photo

Thank You and Good Luck!

Casting Director

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