Casting People Planning a High School Reunion for Docu-Series


Planning a high school reunion or trying to reconnect with old school friends?

If so, casting directors may want to hear your story.

From the creators of Political Blind Date, comes a new TVO Original Documentary Series.

The 6-part series follows the emotional, dramatic, funny, and most unexpected journeys of people looking to find and reconnect with classmates from their past.
It could be a search for a high school sweetheart, a broken friendship from middle school in need of repair or that teammate from the university sports team that you went to “war” with. Every story is unique, and we want to hear yours.


Are you planning a high school reunion nobody will forget? Or just planning a get together to try and re-connect with your past?
Maybe you want to find a high school sweetheart, a former BFF or do you need to let people know just how much you’ve changed?

Tell us your story and you could be on the show. Go to:

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