Last Days of Auditions for Reality Show “If I Can Dream”


The new reality show “If I Can Dream” which is supposed to be running soon on Hulu is closing auditions on August 13, 2010. Anyone interested in auditioning only has 2 days left to get their videos in. Auditions are being handled through their MySpace page.

“If I Can Dream” is the first of a new generation of post-reality entertainment shows created by Simon Fuller and represents 19 Entertainment’s first high-profile web production. This exciting new show chronicles the experiences of a select group of talented young entertainers living together as they confront the struggles and triumphs of yet-to-be-discovered artists pursuing their dreams of stardom. Each contestant is judged on their talents in their respective creative field.

The reality TV show is shot in an L.A. mansion that is wired with 56 cameras. Live video is available on the reality TV show’s website. Also, Tuesday nights, fans can watch a weekly 1/2 hour television show that was created from all the footage. The TV show airs on the channel.

The creators of “American Idol” and “So You Think You Can Dance” are inviting actors, models, singers, comedians and dancers to audition for the chance of a lifetime. MyStudio is helping talent with their audition videos. Contestants can now audition at any MyStudio HD Recording Studio (, which are currently located in Hollywood, Miami, Dallas and Phoenix. MyStudio may be found in certain cities.  Audition videos created at MyStudio will allow contestants to create professional studio-quality videos to best showcase their talents for uploading to the “If I Can Dream” audition page on MySpace (

What the audition consists of

The Dream Statement
State your name, age, where you’re from, and what your dream is. (i.e. to become a successful actor or model in Hollywood, to have the world hear your music, to be on the cover of a magazine, etc.).

Tell us about yourself…what you do currently, where you’re from, what your talent is (singing, dancing, modeling, acting, etc.).
Tell us why you want to become a part of “If I Can Dream.”
Tell us why people should vote for you and help make all of your dreams come true.
***All video submissions should be between 1 and 2 minutes.***

Auditioner’s videos must include no recognizable logos or branding on shirt, hats, posters, etc. Don’t be shy. This is all about showing us your personality!

The Performance
Sing a song from the list provided OR sing an original song (a cappella or with instrument).

Use one of the tracks provided to choreograph or freestyle a dance to.

Upload 5 of your best photos!

There are a number of monologues to choose from. Please choose one to perform.

Perform your own original comedy routine. Prepare to make us roll.