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We have been approached to produce a reality show series. They will be shooting the PILOT at our may 2010 event. It will feature models and talent pursuing their dreams. It will be great exposure, and a once in a lifetime opportunity. Develo Talent Studio will be having a casting call this THURSDAY FEB. 4th

Our address is 1934 W. 33rd Ave Denver, CO 80211. We will give you an audition date and time, please make sure to come prepared to show us your talent! You can audition for us in multiple categories such as Modeling¸ Singing, Dancing, or Acting. Just send back an email with a current picture (doesn’t have to be professional), your telephone number, age and what categories you would want to audition for. We will then contact you with a time for your audition!

The requirements for each category are the following:


– You must model an outfit during your runway routine. Please take your time and do not rush, and please DO NOT over do your routine. This is not a beauty pageant; this audition is for high fashion modeling. (Females must wear heels, and little to no makeup)

– Females should bring a one or two piece swimsuit. (no thongs)

– Males should wear a one-piece, conservative boxer style swimsuit.

· If you have a portfolio please bring it with you, but one is NOT necessary.

Singing & Dancing

– You will be allowed a 2 minute routine.

– The music must be recorded on a CD. (make sure to know the track number)

– If you forget the words to the song or steps in your routine, do not start over, continue from where you left off.


– Monologue subject matter must be light or humorous and age appropriate. No profanity or explicit adult material.

– Monologues should last no longer than 1 minute.

– Costumes and props are allowed

– If you forget your lines, do not start over, Step out of character and then resume when you are ready.

Please email your information or any questions to

Veronica D. Glass

Director of Talent and Scouting

Develo Talent Group, LLC.

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