Reality TV Casting “Strange Addictions”

By | July 7, 2010

Do you have a really odd addiction? Do you do things your friends think are way off… eat chalk? Tons of tats? body building to the max? insane plastic surgery? crazy over pets? tanning or overly waxing? if so then this may be the gig for you. The show is all about crazy and odd addictions. TV network is now casting people with odd behaviors that surprise and shock your friends. The show would like to document your addiction as well as how it impacts your life. Is the crazy addiction affecting your life in a negative manner and surprising to anyone who hears about it?

A major cable network is looking for people who can’t stop eating non-food items (clay, chalk, dirt, toilet paper, hair), skin bleaching, modifying their body, live-action role playing, body building, getting plastic surgery, waxing, tanning, obsessing over their pet… you name it.

Each half-hour episode will profile two individuals who are engaged in uncontrollable behaviors affecting their lives and those they love. This non-exploitative program will share compelling personal stories and may provide medical and psychological perspectives on why patients struggle with these issues.

To be considered, or for more information about this production, please send your name, age, city, current photo, and a short description of your behavior and its impact on your life to: