Always Learning- Open Casting | San Jose

By | May 17, 2011

Always Learning- Open Casting
Casting notice posted on, casting location: San Jose
SJSU’s Production company is making another feature length movie this summer. Filming July 5- August 11.

Open Casting for San Jose and greater Bay Area May 21, from 7-10pm, and May 23 & 25 from 5-8pm

“Always Learning” a story about the misadventures of home-schooled kids.

Roles needed

Tobiah: Mid/late teens male, caucasian. A young man who feels trapped by his mother’s rules and restrictions and wants to break free.

Eli: Mid/late teens male, portly. Tobiah’s best friend and closest ally.

Cheryl: A middle aged, caucasian woman. Tobiah’s over protective mother.

Joey: Mid/late teens, male. Looks like he can hurt people.

Samantha: Late teens female, strong woman.

Borham: A mid-30’s male with a rough demeanor. Joey and Samantha’s alcoholic stepfather.

Nathaniel: A greasy early 20’s male who hates the world.

Marcus: A late teens male, who is pale and thick.

Officer Jones: cop in his mid-50’s/60’s. He’s smart ass.

Casting Location: San Jose
Contact email:

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