Auditions for Singers – “Majors and Minors” Reality TV singing show for kids 8 to 16


How to become a singer?

If you are a kid or teen between the ages of 8 and 16 and you  want to know how to become a singer then here’s your chance to find out!

A new reality competition called “Majors and Minors” is now casting for The HUB network. The show is seeking kids 8 to 16 who want to become singers and compete with other kids on a reality show that will help them become singers. The grand prize for the winner is a recording contract with Sony Music.


The search has begun and the show is casting kids nationwide for this brand new series.

“Majors & Minors,” a groundbreaking new music-based 15-episode reality series premiering on The Hub network this fall will provide talented young performers the chance of a lifetime – to be taught by the best of the best in the music business, giving them the direction and tools they’ll need to embark on their own journeys toward achieving their dreams.

And the coolest part? No one ever gets voted off! This is not that type of show! Everyone who gets cast will leave better mentored for their own road that lies ahead.

Still, one lucky winner will walk away with a recording deal with Sony’s RCA/JIVE Label Group, a music publishing deal, and the chance to become a featured star in a cross-country tour with the entire cast!

We are NOW ACCEPTING Video Submissions NATIONWIDE. Please go to our website ( and follow the VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS to submit your Audition Video! Feel free to email above if you have any questions!

13 thoughts on “Auditions for Singers – “Majors and Minors” Reality TV singing show for kids 8 to 16

  1. Leah Wasmer

    Hi, I’m a singer and I’ve always wanted to be a singer. So much so, that I when I decided to try and grasp reality, I couldn’t think of anything else I wanted to do. I really would like to be on this show in order to get where I’ve wanted to be my entire life. Please consider me.

  2. Tayler S.

    Hello! I love to sing, but I don’t perform much. I was just in a singing contest and I got the level Superior. I live in South Dakota, and I really want this. It depends where this takes place! I’m 11 years old, and I have wanted to be a singer all my life!

  3. naimah

    hi! i really want this i am 13 years old and i went to tupca camp which is acting, singing and dancing. i learn lyrics and dances move quickly. i would like this to suceed in my career this is my lifetime dream.

  4. Amaya banda

    Hi im amaya i am 10 years old i am turning 11< i love to sing and dance i have been to a summer camp and they had a talent show and i was one of the top performances tht day so i would really like to be on this show! 😀

  5. LivieRocks

    I am 10 yr, love singing, dancing, and acting. Please see me on YT under Livierocks1000. Thanks!

  6. alexis garoutte

    Hey, I’m 13 years old and I have been to auditions for singing but I did not have money at that time and singing is in my blood I do it for joy not money and I really would like to be on your show.!(:

  7. China

    I can’t wait until the 2nd seoson! I’m gonna sing my little tail off!

  8. alicia

    i really want to be on this show i would be the happiest girl in the world if i got in singing is my life my pride my joy its my world i been singing forever its my dream to sing in a front of a huge crowd and just have fun i really awant to succeed in my career so i would really like to be in this show im 13 years old i am trying out so plz consider me my name is armani not alicia

  9. John

    this is so cool i can’t wait for the majors and minors casting call
    i hope if i audition i can make it

  10. John

    majors and minors could launch my singing career i am 11years old and i am sick of acting it is boring

  11. Khamiya Terrell

    Hi im 13 years old im a really good singer and not trying to be one of those local girls. I think that being on Majors and Minors would really get me out there and h=launch my future music career!

  12. alexandra

    yo se cantar podrían contactarme ? soy la mejor
    ponganme a prueba envienme una respuesta a mi correo………….

  13. michael

    Please let me on the show. I’m 10 gonna be 11 next year. I would be the happiest boy ever plz let me on.


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