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Casting notice posted on, casting location: Lake County, Il / Kenosha County, WI
Hello! We at Pulp Productions are looking for an actor and actress for our new web based sitcom as well as several actors and actresses for minor roles. The series is a comedy series based on four main characters and their adventures as party kids. Each episode will run between ten and twenty minutes and will be posted on several websites where we have the start of a following that we wish to grow. We will be featured at the Chicago Comic Con this year to show off this series, as we were last year, as well as our prior series and a second new series we will be producing later this summer.

The characters are in their early to mid 20s. We would prefer someone in the Lake County, IL or Kenosha County, WI area, however, if you are willing to travel and can make our shooting schedule, which will be decided based on availability of all the actors, you are more then welcome to apply. We are looking for people who can take a character and make it their own, who have the ability to improvise, who are funny, who want to be a member of a team. We are very small and still learning, but we like to have fun, and we have a pretty good group of people, and want to get more talent to make a great product that people will want to watch, talk about, and spread the word around about.

If this interests you, please reply to We look forward to hearing from you!

Casting Location: Lake County, Il / Kenosha County, WI
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