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Twist and Shout
Casting notice posted on, casting location: Boston, MA
*WILL BE FILMING IN SCARSDALE, NY mid JUNE 21st 2011 for a few days*

LOGLINE: ALBERT can’t summon the courage to talk to BECCA, the girl of his dreams. One
morning he wakes with a terrible, throbbing pain in his crotch. Something is wrong with his
balls, both physically and metaphorically. After an embarrassing revelation to his mother, Albert
is raced around town, ending up at the urologist’s office where Becca is working at reception and
her mother is the chief urologist. TWIST & SHOUT is the ultimate experience in excruciating
comedy, guaranteed to make you squirm!

ALBERT, 13 to 16, has no balls. He can’t stand up to bullies and can’t summon the courage to
talk to the girl of his dreams. But all of that is about to change now that his balls are literally
being put to the test. This is the most embarrassing and painful experience of his life.

BECCA, 13 to 16, is one of the prettiest girls at school but is quickly growing tired of the boys
her age. Though she has just started High School, she’s ready for bigger and better things.

ETHEL, 40s to 50s, Albert’s mother, a highly protective single mother who loves her son
passionately. Most of Albert’s current social anxieties are a result of how overbearing she was
when raising him.

TREVOR, 16, but looks much older, a jock and a bully. He is at the top of the social hierarchy
and takes pleasure in making Albert’s life a living hell.

PHILLIP, 13 to 16, Albert’s best friend, a shy and quiet person who stutters when nervous,
which is most of the time.

Casting Location: Boston, MA
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