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Rain, This is a Reading For A Feature Length Film, May not be Casted in Actual Role for Filming
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“Rain” is likened to “Ususal Suspects” meets “Crash”. In this feature length drama film three couples find themselves stuck together left to deal with life and love. With a major twist at the end, and as love and nature intertwine we find out what brings these three couples together and realize that what we think we’ve been watching is not what we’ve been watching.

Currently Looking for Actors and Actresses to fill these 6 roles for a Script Reading in Mid April.

Chops – (25) An irresponsible, womanizing, immature, but likable scoundrel. Chops has never met an appointment he couldn’t break, a deadline he couldn’t miss, or a responsibility he couldn’t shirk. His sense of humor and his charm are the only reasons he has his (usually brief) luck with the ladies, and the only reason he still has a job.

Michelle (23)- Michelle is driven, well-educated, ambitious… and lonely. An MBA at the tender age of 23, Michelle’s type A personality and her absolute focus on her work have scared all but the most unavailable men away. For all her pride, and for all her savvy in the business world, Michelle can still be a naive little girl when it comes to love.

Marcus (36)- A brooding, sensitive, but talented musician, Marcus generally uses his music to express the things he can’t bring himself to say in plain words. This tendency has served him poorly in relationships, but quite well in music. His latest jazz album is rocketing up the charts, and he’s poised for superstardom. But as usual, his personal life lags far behind his career, and though his relationship with Kelly has gone cold, he can’t bring himself to end it, or to allow her to.

Kelly (33) – At 33, Kelly is ready to move on with her life. And though she loves Marcus, she doesn’t think he’ll ever be the type to give her what she’s always wanted: a home. A real home, with kids, a fence, dogs, and a husband who‘s there everyday. Marcus’s work keeps him on the road more than he is with her, and the more successful he is the more he‘s away. Kelly wants Marcus to succeed, and is happy to see him achieving his dreams, but the life this takes him to is a life she doesn’t want. Still, she can’t bring herself to make Marcus choose between her and her music. So she will choose for him. She loves him but she has to let him go.

Mr. Jones (55)- An enormously successful artist, Mr. Jones is wealthy, handsome, powerful, and extremely bitter. His journey to the top cost him every friend, family member, and lover he ever had. Blind to his own faults, Mr. Jones has a tendency to blame his unhappiness on the friends he feels abandoned or betrayed him. And he blames no one more than the love of his life, Mrs. Jacobs, and his recently deceased former best friend, Mr. Jacobs, who happened to be her husband.

Mrs. Jacobs(53) – Where life’s hurtful losses have made Mr. Jones cold and bitter, they have made Mrs. Jacobs loving and wise. After living a life of hasty decisions and long regrets, Mrs. Jacobs has found peace in forgiving those who have hurt her in the past. It’s been 20 years since she’s seen Mr. Jones, the man she loved more than anyone, even her husband. It pains her to see how their years apart have embittered him, and wants more than anything to make amends.

This is an Unpaid Job. But expenses such as meals will be covered

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