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Casting notice posted on, casting location: 111 Monument East Ave Suite 401,Kissimmee Fl,34741
This Sat March 12th 9am to 5pm the auditions will be held at Golden Brothers Studios, we are casting for the following:

Angelica Rios – A 46 yr old white woman who has a dominant attitude, she is divorced and has 3 children Kathy who is 28 yrs old, Javier who is 24 yrs old and Jennie who is 21.

Manuel Lorenz – A 50 yr old man, who is a typical white Hispanic American, who is passive, analytical and a smooth operator. He is corporate lawyer.

Kathy Lorenz – 28yr old eldest daughter of Angelica and Manuel, typical white Hispanic American young woman, who has her mothers same strong dominant character.

Javier Lorenz – 24 yr old young man and middle child of Angelica and Manuel, he has his mother’s difficult attitude.

Jennifer Lorenz – 21yr old youngest daughter of Angelica and Manuel. She is a collage student who has very little life experience, she has her fathers character passive, analytical and she is a smooth operator.

Alex Martinez – Kathy’s 40yr old husband, he is a Hispanic American, he has a light hearted character and is an intelligent professional, who has been married to Kathy since he was 35 yrs old.

Marta Alejandro – Angelica’s 46 yr old friend, she has a neat and clean appearance, Angelica confides in her about the most intimate details of her life. Marta is a divorced Christian woman who likes to counsel others.

Betty Martinez – 5yr old daughter of Kathy and Alex. She was born before they were married. She is an intelligent child. She will suffer because of her parent’s decisions.

Julie Smith – Manuel’s 30yr old White American secretary. She is a very attractive blonde executive type, outrageously flirtatious. She is with Manuel because of his social status and influence in the corporation they work for.

El gato Rajas – A 50yr old man, who has been a resident of the United States for many years. He is well know by the cops as a trouble maker. He looks like a mafia type and is not attractive.

Allan Walters – he is a collage student, he has a good physical build. He has a aggressive and persuasive personality.

Gabriela – she is a attractive collage student. She has a passive, motivating and positive attitude.

Michael – Clean cut white American, who is well mannered. He meets Jennie at a difficult time in her life. He will be like a heaven sent angel that helps rescue her from her problems with Allen. He has many key meetings with Jennie.

Casting Location: 111 Monument East Ave Suite 401,Kissimmee Fl,34741
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