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The film is set in a town called Shepardsville in the rural south. The center of life in this town is their firm conservative fundamental christian attitude, but the royalty of the town is their High School Basketball team, where the reigning king is Travis Mitchell.

Travis is popular not only with his classmates, but with the community as a whole, and is set to become the 1st player ever from Shepardsville to be offered a scholarship to a major university.

Life seems to be perfect for Travis, until after a drunken party, he makes an advance on his best friend Josh. His secret is out to the world, he is gay. Travis is forced to quit the basketball team, and give up his dreams of attending college on a scholarship, but he is not going to accept living in Shepardsville forever.

Travis is ostricized from his father, friends, team mates and his community, as they can’t accept him for who he is, and he is forced to finish his High School education at home.

Once he finishes his degree, Travis makes a trip to a nearby college in a more enlightened area. There, thanks to a chance meeting with his boyhood idol, Tommy Harmon, former college basketball star, he rekindles his dreams.

Travis is offered a scholarship, and makes new friends, finds love, and lives up to his potential, and in that the love and respect of his father.

Currently seeking interested actors for the following roles for publcity photos to present to potential investors, with filming scheduled for spring 2012

Travis: Lead: 18 year old caucasion male, all American boy type. Should be proficient in basketball.

Alex: Featured: 18-20 year old caucasion male. Trendy and flirty. Love interest of Travis

Must be willing to play gay characters, without playing to all stereotypes.

This is a ultra low budget production, and pay is contingent on sale of the film.

Actors will recieve imdb credit and copy of the finished product.

Please submit headshot and resume to

Casting Location: Miami, Florida
Contact email:

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