Casting new series “The Great Escape” for TNT Network


Reality TV auditions for new TNT show “The Great Escape”

From the producers of television’s The Amazing Race, and Ron Howard, the director of The DaVinci Code, comes a new heart stopping competition show from TNT called The Great Escape. The series is a competition between teams of two to see who, through a series of clues, can be the first to crack the code and…Escape!

The perfect, two-person team would be energetic, confident and competitive! We are looking for teams that are ready for the ultimate rush to try and win a huge cash prize!!!

– Name (you and your partner)
– Relationship with partner
– Ages
– Phone Numbers
– Email Addresses
– Recent photos (of you and your partner, together or separate)
– Why you two would be great for the show
– Why you two need the $$$

If this sounds like you or someone you know (feel free to submit with more than one partner) email the info to:

5 thoughts on “Casting new series “The Great Escape” for TNT Network

  1. Rico

    I would like to try out for the show geat escape. Im a 32 years old pretty fit, I can get a partner not a problem. I like a challenge and can use the money. Thank you

  2. Trevor

    The perfect duo Trevor and Tiffany will be perfect for this show because we’re two fascinating people with out growing personalitys the will draw viewer easily were young athletic and ready to concur the great escape.

  3. ashley leone

    My husband and I would love to be on the show. He is a veteran of the United States Marines. We are a very strong couple and would love to be on this kind of challenge. I love challenges as well as my husband does. I know we could do it all you need is a strong mental stability and good communication skills . We love the show.

  4. Dennis Peasley

    I am a united states soldier in the US. Army and my partner Brittnany would love to do this show. I am pretty sure I can make it. I am strong and fearless and she is as well.

  5. T'shyra

    Me and my best friend would love to be on the show we are young ladies who love to have fun.


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