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Amores Muertos
Casting notice posted on, casting location: Bell CA 90201

Cast in Los Angeles | Released In Los Angeles
Non-Union Student Project | Starts: 10/21-10/23 | Loc: Bell CA 90201
Exec. Producer: Alex Flores
Writer: Alex Flores
Format: HD – Canon HV20
Audition Dates: 10/20
Callback Dates: 10/20
Pay Rate: Copy, Meals

Electronic Submissions Only
Phone: 323 571 3581 Email:

Submissions Due By: 10/31/11

Project Notes: Short Film will be screened on a movie theater for school’s Horror Film Festival. Please check out our other films at

more on ICF at

Amanda – Lead / FEMALE / 18 TO 30 / Hispanic, Latin
Amanda is an average Mexican American woman. She has grieved since the loss of her beloved Ruben. Determined to see him again, she will bravely partake in “el dia de los muertos” celebration by conjuring up the dead with an altar and a “catrina” costume. She will face death itself with the hopes of seeing Ruben again, and will learn that our loved ones watch over us even from the great beyond.

Ruben – Co-Star / MALE / 18 TO 30 / Hispanic, Latin
Ruben is chivalrous and heroic. He has an expressive loving gaze. Although he passed away in military service, he continues watching over his beloved Amanda from the great beyond. As a ghost, Ruben is mysterious, wearing a mask, and only reveals himself when he is needed the most.

Gloria – Supporting / FEMALE / 10 TO 13 / Hispanic, Latin
Gloria is a playful ghost. She enjoys playing with her ball and startling Amanda. She reveals her trajic passing was due to an evil stepmother, but she remains a playful child anyway.

Mariachi Ghost – Supporting / MALE / 20 TO 40 / Hispanic, Latin
Mariachi Ghost loves to party during the day of the dead. He is a bit of a leader or a father figure among the other Ghosts. He, like the other “dead” is not very fond of the “living,” but if Amanda wants to survive the night she’s going to have to win him over.

Catrina – Supporting / FEMALE / 20 TO 40 / Hispanic, Latin
Catrina is a socialite ghost. When she lived she was high class. Now that she is a ghost she still has class, but she can finally let lose and party.

Greaser ghost (male) – Supporting / MALE / 18 TO 30 / Hispanic, Latin
Greaser ghost is a revel. His motto is “live fast, die young”

greaser ghost (female) – Supporting / FEMALE / 18 TO 30 / Hispanic, Latin
Greaser ghost (female) loves chewing gum and being a revel.

Femme Fatale Ghost – Supporting / FEMALE / 18 TO 30 / Hispanic, Latin
Femme Fatale Ghost is sexy, and loves to smoke. Men would die for her, and she died from lung cancer.

Luchador Ghost – Supporting / MALE / 18 TO 30 / Hispanic, Latin
Luchador Ghost was a profesisonal mexican wrestler. he’s strong, wears a wrestler mask and sports cement shoes ever since the mob had him “sleep with the fishes”

Banker Ghost – MALE / 18 TO 30 / Hispanic, Latin
Banker ghost was indeed a banker. He died of a heart attach and resents the fact that his wife remarried… with his ex-boss!

La Muerte – Supporting / MALE OR FEMALE / 18 TO 40 / Hispanic, Latin
La Muerte is a supernatural power, armed with a scythe and wearing a hooded veil. La muerte is synical and deceiptful, truelly a power above all men…

Story Line: Amanda’s lost love returns from the death for one night — but he is not alone.

Amanda gets more than what she bargained for when she unwittingly hosts a “dia de los muertos” party for 9 ghosts, and death itself.

horror/romance/folk fiction.

Casting Location: Bell CA 90201
Contact email:

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