Child Acting Auditions in New York

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Casting notice posted on, casting location: new york city

For a student shoot (ESRA) we are looking for a child actor to play the role of William. The film will be shot in Staten Island, from February 22 to 28.

A guy who lives in an astronaut suit named DALLAS, is convinced that there is no more oxygen on Earth, and he needs to find oxygen tanks to survive. A kid named WILLIAM, tells him that he’ll bring him to a place where he can find some, but in exchange, he has to tell where he comes from.

The child, who will play the role of WILLIAM, a smart and friendly character with a strong attitude, is supposed to be kinda skinny, and 11/13 years old, not really tall, with long hair; interested in the project and comfortable with a film team.

If you are from New york city and interested, send pictures, videos, or anything else to this address:

ps: It’s a non paid job ‘only food and travel…

Casting Location: new york city
Contact email:

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