Dallas, Texas Independent Feature Film “Disturbing Intentions”


Disturbing Intentions
Casting notice posted on auditionsfree.com, casting location: Dallas / Fort Worth
Casting Call for Dallas, Texas Independent Feature Film “Disturbing Intentions”
Production Title: Disturbing Intentions
Studio/Independent/Student: Independent
Union/Non-Union: Non-Union
Project Type: Feature Film
Production Location: Dallas, Texas
Production Start Date: December 16, 2011
Shooting Schedule: 2-3 Weeks

Producer: GuGu E Michaels
Writer: GuGu E Michaels
Director: GuGu E Michaels

Synopsis: Ryan Bisley is a wealthy arrogant attorney that loves his wife very much. When his wife goes missing a voice (man on the phone) has Ryan do some disturbing things to get his wife back.

Character Breakdowns:

RYAN BISLEY (LEAD): White Male. Young attractive lawyer that’s very arrogant and cocky. In his early – mid 30s. He’s sharp and clever. He represents his clients based on what they can afford. The less money you have the less time he invest in your defense. Cares very little about his clients whether they are innocent or guilty. He is always looking for a short cut. He Loves his wife more than anything in the world and he will do anything for her safety. He believes money solves all problems.

ED: Mia’s (Ryan’s Wife) boss – White Male 30-50 years – Uses is powerful work position to sexually harass the women in his company.

SHANE: Attorney, Ryan’s coworker / friend, Nice Guy.(White Male 27-35 years old)

ERIN ROCKWELL – White Female, average plain looking. 30+ any size

PRIEST/ FATHER – White Male 40+ age

REGINALD – Hispanic Male 30+ any size

TROPHY WIFE – (Reginald’s Girlfriend) – Sexy, Playboy/Maxim Look. White Female.

REPORTER – Any Race, Any Age. Must have suit and look like a news reporter.

Compensation: Film Credit, DVD Copy
Meals Provided: Meals, Snacks and Beverages

Production Company: GU International Pictures

*Email Your Casting Submissions To: mnjcasting@gmail.com

Special Notes for Potential Cast/Crew: All cast will receive IMDB credit and this movie will be on Netflix. Leading male, Ryan Bisley, Will need to be very flexible for the next couple of weeks because he is in every scene.

Audition Date: December 10, 2011
Audition Start Time: 04:00
Audition End Time: 08:00
Audition Location/Address: Alamos 2701 N. Stemmons Fwy, Dallas Texas 75207

Casting Location: Dallas / Fort Worth
Contact email: mnjcasting@gmail.com

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