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Do you have an uncommon addiction or obsession that is controlling your life?

A well-respected cable network, is searching for people who have strange addictions and want to share their compelling personal story on a documentary style television series. This non-exploitative program will explore how your behavior affects your life and those around you.

Your obsession may be strange, embarrassing, and even odd, but if it’s affecting your relationships with family, friends and even co-workers, we want to hear from you. Professional medical and psychological insights will be provided when applicable. Our production crew is trained to handle sensitive stories.

Please be advised that we will need you to provide one to three people in your life that are willing to be on camera to talk about their concerns with your behavior.

Please respond to this ad if you are interested by providing your name, age, phone number, city, contact information, recent photo and brief summary on how your strange addiction is impacting your life. All inquiries will be kept confidential.

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