New TV series “DNA”

By | December 23, 2013

Docu-series producers, Powderhouse Productions are putting together a brand new television series about people trying to solve a mystery in their life such as long lost siblings, who your father is, more family members or do you need some questions about your heritage answered or confirmed.

Doron Ofir Casting is holding a nationwide search for people that have some compelling stories that a genetic team may help them with.

Do you need help unlocking the biggest mystery in your life? Put your life changing questions to the test… The DNA test!

Do you need to know who your parents are? Who your siblings are? This show may provide you the opportunity to find out. If you are at least 18 years old and ready to find the answers, casting directors want to hear your story.

DNA Casting

Those selected to participate in the show will get a free trip to New York City where they will talk with a team of genetic experts and get a DNA test. Those selected will also be paid for their participation. Put all your suspicions to rest once and for all! Apply today at

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