Gameshow Tryouts Atlanta


Atlanta auditions posted by the casting director
Casting notice posted on, casting location: Atlanta, GA
We are casting now for a fun Theme Park Show. It’s part gameshow and part funshow. We need 3 (18-25) year old girls and 3 (18-25) year old guys.
The Lanny and Kelly Show
The 2011 show is a Theme Park
Show Hosted by Lanny the Lifeguard. Lanny is a beach bum type of guy who is running his summer on Island time. He speaks and looks like a typical lake wake-boarder. He is a little on the late side when it comes to work but
he is always on time when it comes to fun! He is joined by his supervisor Kelly. Kelly may seem like she is always on his case about his
work ethic but secretly she thinks he’s pretty cool! They travel around the park in a custom golf cart with a portable sound system and entertain guests with contests and humorous announcements and banter.

Casting Location: Atlanta, GA
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