North Carolina Feature Film Auditions


Casting notice posted on, casting location: Apex, NC
Project title: Mendacity
Project type: Feature Film
Start date: June 1, 2012-June 25, 2012
Filming location: Raleigh
Producer: Jon Dercelien
Director: Brian Davis
Writer: Joey Powell & Jordan Hale
Casting Director: Opal Norris
Pay: $100/day OEO
First Round Auditions: September 24th-25th.
Second Round Auditions: October 1st-2nd.

We are looking for North Carolina locals, but may be willing to consider others if the part suits him or her.

Jules: (18-25) Caucasian Female lead. Jules is a sexy young woman who has a highly seductive demeanor. She is ruthless and manipulating in getting what she wants from other people. Petite frame, must have sex appeal.

Theo Culliver: (18-25) Caucasian Male lead. Theo is a young male teen caught up in a serious situation. He and his friends, Bobby & Ray have been accused of murder. This is who the audience will come to root for as the protagonist.

Bobby: (18-25) Caucasian A tall boyish looking 18 year old, with an easy going attitude. Bobby is the happy-go-lucky guy. Innocent and pure, he often uses his unabashed goofiness to cover up his deep-rooted delicacies.

Ray: (18-25) Caucasian Male: Ray is a bruiser; he is Tall but stocky fellow. He is an oddly intellectual jock with a short temper. He is Dating Jules.

Detective Daily (35-55) Detective Daily is a straight faced, well dressed man in his forties. He is stern in his approach yet frequently shows hints of sympathy towards Theo as the plot progresses.

Ralphie (18-25) RALPHIE, a Hispanic eighteen-year old boy.

The Mayor (35-55) Caucasian male, gets caught up in a sex scandal with a few city call girls, and goes missing.

Old Man (50-65) Open

Officer Coleman (25-40) Open

Officer #1 (25-40) Open

Officer # 2( 25-40) Open

Officer Perez (25-40) Hispanic

Old Woman (50-65) Open

Diner Waitress (18-25) Open

Female Detective (25-35) Open

News Woman (25-50) Open

News Man (25-50)

Synopsis: Three friends, a mysterious girl named Jules, and a dead body. Amidst the aftermath of a murder that rocked the small town of Raleigh NC, everyone has a story. For eighteen-year-old Theo Culliver and friends, his story determines the outcome of their lives. But as Theo relays the events leading up to tragedy, one lingering question still remains a mystery: where — and who — is Jules?

Please send resumes/photos as an attachment or in the body of emails. Place “Mendacity Auditions” in the subject of the emails. I will get back to you with specific information after initial emails.

Casting Location: Apex, NC
Contact email:

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